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Ajo Art is a collection of art around town, the majority of which is accessible to the public. Over the past years, Ajo has evolved into a haven for hikers, mountain bikers, artists, bird watchers, environmentalists and star gazers. Combined with its history as a tri-cultural copper mining town, Ajo’s eclectic nature and diversity are expressed in a wonderful display of public art, community art, and outsider art.

These terms are defined as follows:
Public Art – art that has been planned and executed with the intention of being displayed in a public place.
Community Art – art which is based in a community setting, and has been created with community participation.
Outsider Art – work by artists who are self-taught or who have little contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions.

The printed self-guided tour will lead you to some good examples, from the murals throughout town to engaging art at private residences. The selection of artwork is based on criteria such as diversity of media, interesting subject matter, accessibility to the public, and number of pieces per artist. The guide has limited space and not all the art can be included. Click here to see a more extensive list.

Besides the pieces listed here, be sure to check out the artwork at the Plaza Gallery, the Salazar-Ajo Branch of the Pima County Public Library, and the restaurants, businesses and shops around town. Also, Ajo’s school on Well Rd has a year-round display of International Day of Peace murals.

Inquiries: ajoart@isdanet.org





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