Sponsored by the Arizona Community Foundation

  • The Communities for All Ages Initiative seeks to make communities friendlier places where people of all generations can live their full lives and enjoy interacting with one another.
  • Thanks to funding and technical assistance from the Arizona Community Foundation, ISDA has participated in this Initiative for the last five years.
  • While ISDA’s work has always been intentionally multicultural, this Initiative spurred us to sponsor programs that are more intergenerational, and to remove barriers inadvertently created by, for example, sponsoring classes for just seniors or for just youth.
  • In its Curley School campus development, ISDA is creating a life-long learning center for all generations and cultures.
  • This Initiative helped create and outfit the computer learning lab and classrooms at the Curley School.
  • Today in most of ISDA’s programs-from basket weaving to desert cleanups and campouts-you will see people of all generations enjoying the experience together and learning from one another.

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